About Universidad EAFIT

Located on the south side of Medellín, in the El Poblado sector, the main campus covers nearly 128,000 square meters (31 acres) and features blocks of classrooms, offices, laboratories, athletic facilities, auditoriums, small squares, gardens, and other spaces conducive to research, academic, sporting, cultural, and leisure activities. Each of these architectural spaces is in harmony with nature, enabling different species of flora and fauna to blend in with and compliment the built infrastructure and make the campus a University-Park.

Universidad EAFIT is a Colombian private non-profit university established in 1960, accredited for high-quality education by the Ministry of Education of Colombia. The university currently has 24 undergraduate programs, 40 master's programs, 6 PhD programs, and more than 50 graduate certificate programs. EAFIT is also committed to ensure family-friendly work and study conditions, making available a nursing room and offering programs for children.